Robert “Roby” Jahn has owned the company for over thirty years. He became passionate about remodeling and renovation when he purchased and started working on his own Victorian home in Oak Park in the early 1970’s. After several years as a carpentry apprentice, Roby started his own small company and he hasn’t looked back.


His passion for building, remodeling, and renovation has continued to grow for over forty years and he has developed a wealth of knowledge for solving construction problems unique to vintage homes. Although he has an incredible overall understanding of vintage homes, Roby works with a modest attitude and enjoys solving new challenges that arise on a daily basis. He takes pride in the fact that over the years he and his crew have gotten to know many clients on a personal level, and he strongly believes that building strong relationships in the community and having a great team are the keys to success.

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We are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and we are an EPA certified lead safe firm